She was my muse - Left me dazed and confused
Like the day that we first met

She held my song - She always sang along
But the tune was just too strong

Distant as the sun - Yet she burned in my bones
Within my dreams she made a home

She never looked in to my eyes - If she did, she’d know why
I was crazy on this love

Carry me tonight - Be the air - Be the light
Carry me tonight - Sing of love - Sing of life
-Carry me tonight - Stop the world - Dry your eyes-

Engraved in my soul - This muse left me whole
A troubadour’s delight

With time on her side - She chose to abide
To the moral law of life - blinded

She longs from afar - Waiting for her bard
As she baths in every verse

Naked as this song - She lingers like a poem
I feel her in my bones

Bone of my bone - Flesh of my flesh
The story’s seldom told
Soul touches soul - Spirit touches life
This muse will arise

Words & Music by James Olmos
Photo by Paulissa Kipp