James Olmos writes and performs music for all the right reasons. He rises above, speaks to the soul with wit, caring, good humor.... all that, and he's one of the best performers you're likely to hear. I've seen James perform a number of times, and this webcast lived up to the bar that he has set so high


Always awesome - incredible artist. Can't wait for the net show !


Great sound, great pic, great musician...def a grand show….


What I want to know is how come James Olmos has never been heard from by a major record label. Maybe they have. They need to reconsider. With an array of amazing original music, James should be on stage several nights a week touring the US and other parts sharing his heartfelt music and amazing overall talent. The Acoustic Energy is down right dirty business. James always leaves you wanting more.
It sure was an awesome treat to hear him play last night. Be sure to tune in every night through Sunday as James will be performing right here on Concert Window.
-A.D. Young


James always does a good show. I watch every time I can. Thanks James.


Excellent show, singer and songwriter, well worth checking out and supporting


Another epic performance by one of the best and most humble indie artist around. James you absolutely give 120% on every song you sing. Your originals are so lively and fruitful and leave the audience wanting more. Rock on brother!!!


Great Show! James NEVER disappoints.


The Broadcast of James Olmos was wonderful, and I plan to come back often..great to have concert window!


James always RoKKs it!


Beautiful Music..Beautiful Soul…♥


James voice has a way of stilling everything inside of me…jus’ when I think my heart and mind is calm; his voice moves my soul. Watching my favorite artist perform live in Concert Window and connect with his audience on a level that they are treated like his friends…is truly amazing…he is captivating.


Excellent préformer! Just wanna more!!!


I always enjoy Mr. Olmos' webcasts...casual yet professional at the same time...video is framed well, and the sound is exceptional.


This guy must be a speed-reader .. or a mindreader.. Engages directly and immediately (and warmly and first-class entertainer!) with his audience ... A real buzz, keep on rockin!


I perform musical concerts in a virtual 3D world called Secondlife.  I've performed for over six years and I average about thirty, one-hour concerts monthly.  You can hear my LIVE performance by clicking the Listen Live link from my music tab.  Find my virtual tour dates on my calendar.

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