The Luge Trail Run

This Modjeska Canyon trail run was aggressive and challenging!

I remember mountain biking The Luge trail years ago in Modjeska Canyon. I didn’t remember if it was a manageable trail for running though.  What I discovered was brutal!

It was a challenge!  This was a narrow single-track trail with rocky switchbacks and steep downhill runs . . . a challenge for running especially when it’s 85 degrees out!

I thought it would be interesting to run a “new” trail and I was hoping that I’d be running carefree along the ridge of the Saddleback Mountains.  And I did . . . but it wasn’t carefree; it was a ball busting gruelling adventure!  And hell yeah, I do it again!

This was perfect for my Spartan Super race training.  I have a race coming up on April 18, 2015 in Las Vegas!

The Spartan website says that: Sin City is hosting an 8+ mile Super, and it’s going to be electric. This race includes over 20 signature Spartan obstacles including fire, mud, water, and barbed wire. In the Spartan spirit, the rest of the obstacles will be disclosed as you approach them, at full speed, on race day.

These towering, rocky Nevada Mountains are a challenging way to earn your Spartan Super medal. Throw yourself into the shadows of the mountains and emerge at the finish line.

 Here’s some photos I captured while training on this trail run. Click to enlarge.

Trail Run - The Luge - Santiago Canyon

Trail Run - The Luge - Santiago Canyon

Trail Run - The Luge - Santiago Canyon

Trail Run - The Luge - Santiago Canyon

Trail run Modjeska Canyon

I will definitely run this crazy trail again! The narrow, rocky switchbacks and steep gruelling hills challenged me. I almost wish I had someone with me in case I fell and broke my legs.

When I reached the 3.5 mile mark I saw this memorial atop one of the hills.  From the picture above you can see the American flag above the USMC Marines Flag.

There were ammo boxes next to the flag post and the post had a bunch of stickers on it. Tied to the post was a Captain America action figure.  Pretty cool!

Click that picture to enlarge the photo and to see Captain America better.

My Spartan Race trailer video!

Two minute video with some killer mountaintop views and commentating!

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