San Diego Half Marathon Results

My official San Diego Half Marathon race result was 01:58:28 and I’m so excited!

This was my first half marathon and it was an amazing experience. My training, dieting, mental conditioning and race day jitters were so different from my Spartan Race preparations. Regardless, the race was just as memorable!

You can read about why I signed up for this half marathon in my last blog post.

Now, a little about my overall experience.

Since I only had a couple of weeks to train, I had to rely on my earlier Spartan Race training to support this 13 mile race. I was only able to run a few longer-distance sessions before race day.  During the two weeks I ran a total of 43.5 miles. This included some 8 mile and 10 mile runs.

I felt strong during each training run and made sure that I pushed myself by running long, steep inclines.

My diet was about the same as my Spartan Race preparation. As always, I consumed Red Rush during most long training runs. Yet, the only main thing I really changed was my carbohydrate intake. I increased it to about 40% of my daily macronutrients, from 30%.  I did this to maintain muscle mass. Yet, I needed more fuel to run the longer training miles too.  It worked!

I actually gained a pound of muscle and reduced my body fat by 1.5%.

I’m now 146 pounds at 5% body fat.

I also switched to a plant-based protein powder called ProPeas. I absolutely love the results of this concentrated, low-sugar, non GMO protein powder.

Mental preparation is key to running and enduring a Spartan Race.  There’s so many variables and obstacles to negotiate and it’s a contrastively different mental race than the San Diego Half Marathon.

I wasn’t really sure how to mentally condition myself.

Normally, while I’m strength training, HIIT training or kicking a weight bag at the UFC Fighting Gym, I envision myself dominating the Spartan Race obstacles.  I mentally “see” each obstacle and watch myself climb, duck, swim and carry heavy as I negotiate each obstacle.

In contrast, I simply envisioned myself crossing the San Diego Half Marathon’s finish line. I really didn’t know what else to mentally focus on since I’ve never ran a half marathon.

That’s changed!

I know what to focus on now.

When I train for my next half marathon I’ll mentally focus on the amazing people I’m going to meet, the roadside family and friends cheering and encouraging, the uplifting music and witty, humorous homemade banners. I’ll remember my friends who paced me throughout the 13 miles and who shared their previous racing stories with me; and shared their yummy protein shake recipes too!

Similar to the Spartan Races, everyone was in their own amazing space of fitness.  I saw different shapes and sizes. I saw beautifully fit athletes and physically challenged athletes.  There was no discrimination and everyone seemed to support each other.

I had the privilege, after the race, to meet a gentleman who is a challenged athlete. I won’t share much about his particular challenge because I don’t know enough details and I want to respect his privacy; but, I do know that he was very encouraging to me and is part of a foundation called, Challenged Athletes Foundation.  You can also visit their CAF Facebook Page.

Here’s a snapshot of some of my stats and route:

San Diego Half Marathon James Olmos 2015

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