Mountain Biker VS Foot Racer

Raced a mountain biker to the top of Four Corners in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park . . . and won!

One of my favorite running trails is nestled in the beautiful hillside of Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Southern, CA.  They have 23 unique trails giving hikers, joggers and mountain bikers 17 miles to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

At the beginning of this particular route I endure about 2 miles of gradually increased uphill running before turning back around; versus continuing down the Whiting Road trail and back to Portola Parkway to complete a 5.5 mile loop.

When you hit Mustard Road it gets pretty steep.  My TomTom GPS watch and Strava and Nike Plus apps all show a similar grade of 30% (Please friend-me on those tracking apps.).  The incline is so steep that even the less motivated mountain biker walks their bike to the top of the hill.

A lot of times I’ll hit Mustard Road hill during my run and inevitably will run side-by-side with a mountain biker.  I always offer the same challenge when we’re pacing next to each other, “Don’t let me pass you on this hill!”   Then the grunts start and the gears shift and the race is afoot!  To this day a mountain biker has not beat me up that last 50 yards.

Typically, on this shorter run, I turn around at the top and almost sprint back, since it’s almost all downhill.

I felt strong during this shorter run. I actually didn’t take any Red Rush during this workout because I wanted to see if there was any noticeable difference in my performance . . . and there was!

This time when I hit that hill, I was breathing really hard and I could feel the burn in my legs and lungs. Typically, if I take Red Rush I won’t feel that burn. As for the heavier breathing, that could have been due to the high heat; which was in the high 80’s close to 90 degrees.

I got some film footage of me racing and beating the biker. But I didn’t do a great job since I was fumbling for the camera while sprinting up this grueling hill. You basically just see my nipple LOL and hear us talking.


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Get out there and exercise more while enjoying your breath and life’s amazing moments!

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