Half Marathon – 3 Reasons To Run

When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

Last week I spontaneously signed up for the San Diego Half Marathon! I received an ad for the marathon in my email, with a price discount. And though I haven’t been training to run 13 miles I signed up for it anyway. Plus, the entrance fee was only $100.

So, to continue my spontaneity I thought I should start running more!  I ran 8.3 miles down in Huntington Beach that same afternoon with an average pace of 00:08:45 per mile. That’s not too bad for someone who’s turning 48 this year!

I typically run 3 days a week for my Spartan Race training: 3.5 to 6.5 miles per run on pavement/grass/trails. Trail runs are the best.  Not only do trail runs replicate most mud run terrain, like the Spartan races and Tough Mudder,  but there are mountain lions and rattlesnakes and mule deer to run away from too.  It makes running more interesting and you tend to run much faster.

Say YES to new challenges. What’s your marathon?

I didn’t feel mentally or physically “prepared” for running a half marathon when I signed up. Maybe one reason was that it was only 18 days away! But I didn’t let fear stop me! Was it a crazy decision?

I set my “feelings” aside and said Yes to signing up; moreover, I said yes to a new challenge . . . and here’s 3 reasons why.

I’ve always wanted to run a half marathon, so why not start today?

Don’t let your big butt get in the way of saying yes.  I’d like to but . . . I would but . . . This type of thinking puts walls in front of today’s goals.  And your big butt will never get over it.  Reframe and change your thinking.

I love a challenge.

A challenge does not have to be big nor conceivable.  Yet, it does need to be accepted.  Take action today towards something you fear and outrun the deceptions in your mind.  Try it; then afterwards, acknowledge your thoughts prior to taking the challenge.  Were you deceiving yourself?  Reframe and change your thinking.

Life’s too short to say no.

We all know that our hearts are only allotted so many beats.  How are you using each precious beat?  Are they counting towards rewarding moments or are you constricting your heartbeats with the fear of saying, “Yes”?  Reframe and change your thinking.

And the bonus reason . . . because I can!

And you can too.  You can run a half marathon or walk one or use crutches to cross the finish line.  I knew someone with Lou Gehrig’s disease who crossed a finish line while being pushed in a wheelchair during a FULL Marathon.  I’ve run with warriors during a Spartan mud run where people were battling the same obstacles as me and they were wearing prosthetic limbs.

So, remind me again of your excuse?  What’s your “but” keeping you from accomplishing?

Say YES to a challenge this week and find yourself doing something new for the very first time.

Then come back to this post and comment on your experience.

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