The Luge Trail Run

This Modjeska Canyon trail run was aggressive and challenging!

I remember mountain biking The Luge trail years ago in Modjeska Canyon. I didn’t remember if it was a manageable trail for running though.  What I discovered was brutal!

It was…

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San Diego Half Marathon Results

My official San Diego Half Marathon race result was 01:58:28 and I’m so excited!

This was my first half marathon and it was an amazing experience. My training, dieting, mental conditioning and race day jitters were so different from my…

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Build A Fort And Dream

Mom’s favorite 400 thread count bed sheet kept falling down from my bedroom wall so I used thumbtacks instead of duct tape to pin it in place. The bedding draped from the wall then over my desk where it stretched…Read more

A Bat To The Face

If I woke up in the night and someone struck me in the face with a bat as hard as they could, then I would feel tremendous pain and see the effects of the bat that hit my face. I…Read more

Recovery Makes You Stronger

My toes jetted forward, curled and twisted as my calves bit both my legs with vicious cramps. I was still healing from my last obstacle course race (OCR) on Sunday but training for the Spartan Super began that next day…Read more


Week Thirteen – SeriousThe 13th photo entry for my weekly Self Portrait Journal.  A 52 week glimpse into the attributes of James Olmos. The journey is life.  I’ve embraced my life’s journey and I’ve found that it’s truly about the…Read more